Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Way too much Beckham

I'm not even going to acknowledge the news that Cesc is out for three months. Oops.

Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent are kaput. Whatever. It's a reason to run NSFW pics [Sports Crackle Pop]
How to make money in MLS without playing--be a Generation Adidas kid [Soccer Insider]
Becks got a chilly reception in Milan [Guardian]
Good riddance says former Becks-in-MLS supporter [Soccer Talk]

Adebayor has some choice words about Arbeloa. Mrs. ü75 wants you to know that she thought it was a dive too [BBC]
EPL has lost some of its magic [Guardian]
Why the UEFA Cup is important. By Dutch fan of impotent team [Soccernet]

And, finally:
Photo gallery of Becks' unveiling in Milan [BBC]


Adam said...

The UEFA cup is so important to me that I read about 2 1/2 paragraphs of the article before I closed the window.

I really hope Arsenal don't fall there next season so it actually would become important to me.

Ibracadabra said...

nice list of some non-impact players on that Generation Adidas List making more than guys on development salaries making less than public school teachers...

if the Generation adidas players were NBA draft selections they'd surely be Sam Bowie, Ed O'Bannon, and Michael Olowokandi.

Gern said...

You forgot Yinka "Drafted An A" Dare.

Andrew said...

Cesc out for 3-4 months. I'm preparing myself for hearing, "Arsenal drew Rosenborg in UEFA Cup matchday 2 . . . "

Gemma Atkinson warms my cockles.

phil said...

Do the bewb cupcakes promised last week come in Gemma Atkinson size? Although I guess at that point, they would just be cakes.