Sunday, December 21, 2008

UF Quick Throw: Gary Mac Gets The Sack

Leeds Boss Gary McAlister has been fired after 5 straight defeats leaving Leeds five points from 6th place. This was McAllister's second season in charge of Leeds. Last term they made the play-off final only to lose to Doncaster. McAllister was rewarded with a rolling one year contract and was expected to deliver promotion this season. Yesterday's 3-1 defeat to Milton Keynes appears to have been the final straw for a team who attract 19,000 supporters to a League One game. Just 5 years ago, Leeds were in the Premiership, today they occupy 9th place in the third tier of English football.


Mike Georger said...

Damn, I still love you Gary.
If Ablett gets canned I would like to see him running Pool's reserves.

Mike Georger said...

I'm off to the bar for the afternoon; good luck today everyone, heres hoping for an exciting affair and not the typical big four matchup (but wait, Aston Villa aren't playing in this game!).

Also, go Steelers.

phil said...

In other news, Frasier Campbell can take his manky, hoofing ass back to OT. Between his hoofing about, Pavlyohwhatsit's ineptitude, and Dawson and BAE just not being Premiership quality defenders, it's a wonder Toons didn't whip us 5-1.

Mike Georger said...

wow so I'm guessing everyone else was at bars too?

I will take the result thats for sure. Two of the better goals of the year off amazing passes. Horrid officiating both ways. Keane's card was horseshit, as was Ade's red (unless he said something) and Lucas should have been sent off easily, he is terribe.

I was the only Pool supporter at my bar, there was about a dozen Arsenal fans and I let those cocksmokers have it when Keane scored, lest they forget he is a Spurs man.

Note to the fat English guy: spiked hair isn't cool, a Rosicky jersey is retarded, and fat people don't wear soccer jerseys because they're form fitting. Also your girlfriend in the horrid yellow o2 jersey with no name on it, thats just sad.

Mike Georger said...

How much does Soccernet cream themselves over United? They named Rooney to the EPL team of the week when they weren't playing.

Fuck You.