Saturday, December 27, 2008

It still has 45 minutes to get worse

A certain Scouser asked me to post this for any Arsenal fan feeling aggrieved over yesterday's draw after a two-goal lead. It's just a reminder that things could always be worse.

Kilmarnock started out today's game at Hibernian on fire. Two goals in the first 12 minutes, and they looked set to cruise. Then it all fell apart between the 35th and 37th minute. Killie gave up two penalties, the second one bringing a red card for the keeper, and let Hibernian come level.

There's still a half to go. Down to 10 men, on the road, and missing their starting keeper, is there any hope for Killie whatsoever?


ü75 said...

Update: Danny Invincible (Kilmarnock) scores his second of the day in the 47th minute. Of course.

ü75 said...

Alright, I completely take it back. Life as an Arsenal fan sucks. Kilmarnock 2-4.

Hearts just had a red card. Looks clear for Aberdeen to hold onto their one goal lead.

jjf3 said...

Well, here's some more WAG's (not the pretty kind). Friday treated me like it was Boxing (the sport) day, rather than Boxing (the returning of gifts) day - a left hook followed by a straight right to the jaw. A glittering 3 right, no exact scores, out of 10. Yep, a coin-flip could do better. In fact, I may test that one of these weekends...

More beers than usual in tonight(a plus, or a negative?) goes nothing...

Joe Fuckin' Newcastle 1-2 Liverpool
Arsenal 3-0 Portsmouth
Everton 1-1 Sunderland
West Ham 2-0 Stoke
Bolton 2-1 Wigan
Fulham 1-1 Spartak London (or 0-3, either they'll hold them down or they'll get totally overrun)
WBA 0-2 Spurs
Blackburn 2-1 Citeh (probably wishful thinking)
ManUre 3-0 Boro
Hull 1-3 Villa

I'm going to admit that I just changed Cats-Pool from 1-1 to 1-2 because I remembered Bassong is off due to suspension. I wonder if I just screwed myself...likely...

jjf3 said...

Yep, I'm enough beers in to call Newcastle "Cats". Hmm, think that might piss a few people off? Me too...apologies to Newcastle fans. Seriously.
And I forgot to call them SFB rather than Bolton. Sue me...

Adam said...

My boxing day record was better, a little bit. I had 1 score right, and got 5 total right. Not too bad.

Newcastle 1-3 Liverpool
Arsenal 2-0 Portsmouth
Everton 2-1 Sunderland
West Ham 1-0 Stoke
SFB 0-2 Wigan
Fulham 1-1 Spartak London
WBA 0-2 Spurs
Blackburn 2-2 Citeh
ManUre 2-0 Boro
Hull 2-4 Villa

Yes its 3 in the morning and I've been drinking.

JT said...

You're both off to a good start with that Liverpool prediction

Adam said...

I had a good start overal, 7 out of 8 with 1 score correct. I wanted to put down the WBA upset last night, but I knew that was the alcohol and the gunner in me talking.