Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We are one

One year ago, on this very date, Precious Roy published our very first laugh at Tottenham piece. It was to become a theme. The first months were a little shaky, but summer went better than expected. We can thank the Euros and some great interviews for that.

Look how far we have come. We lost one guy along the way. Badly Drawn Boykins, without you we never could have explained how messing with an Asian's hot pot dinner is not a good idea. And we picked up some others. Bigus you undoubtedly know for his Norwich and Huckerby love. We love him for his photoshops. We also expanded our EPL (suck it,Barclay's!) stable by adding both a Chelsea man as well as a Tottenham one. Oh, how the times have changed.

Time for a little navel-gazing. After the jump, I have picked my five favorite pieces I've written in the last year. Enjoy the trip down my memory lane.

I'm still holding out for Stuart Pearce to be England's next great home-grown manager.

Reading between the lines in Scotland. Also, I was more than right.

It took my heart about an hour to calm down afterward. Fun game.

Mesh bikini briefs cannot be beaten.

Had to have one of these. The oddest shirt I have come across over the past year.

We thank you for continuing to read us, and doing so almost daily. This year we promise to get better. How else are we going to beat the WNT Blog for third place?

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