Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hull's Star Hitman.

Hull hit man Marlon King has turned out to be one off the pitch, as well as on. Mr King was arrested yesterday for punching a woman in the face, in a bar in Laaandons trendy west end last weekend. Yes you read that right, he punched a woman in the face, alledgedly breaking her nose.

He was repeatedly pestering her and grabbing her bottom. She kept asking him to leave her alone and at one point he just turned and punched her. It was not a slap and it looked like she had a broken nose. There was blood dripping on her clothes and handbag.” -Eyewitness report.

Married father of two King was apparently annoyed at his alleged victim after she spurned his advances, including a cheeky pinch on the botty. Nice. Police are in possession of CCTV footage and the victim is said to have a broken nose and cut lip.

King was celebrating Hull's 2-1 win over Middlesbrough on Saturday night, a game in which he scored from the penalty spot. But he certainly couldn't score on Saturday night and was a long way from the celebrations at home. London is 200 miles from Hull, but not far enough for a Premiership footballer to get away with assault. Mrs King will not be amused!

King has been bailed to appear in court in Feb.



Andrew said...

I would think the "allegedly" would be re: his goal, not his punching women.

Bigus Dickus said...