Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vinnie Jones' Latest Film Role

Vinnie Jones has a new movie out. Yeah!!! Although, I'm pretty sure he won't be doing any promotion of his latest work.

See, it's the CCTV video of his barroom brawl in South Dakota. What you don't see is Jones on the receiving end of a beer glass to the face that required 48 stitches. What you do see is a very large plumber's butt.

Update: Here is a local newspaper article on the fight with the two opposing stories.


ΓΌ75 said...

That's a lot of blood.

Precious Roy said...

I like how it goes from colour to B&W and back, but to really be Guy Ritchie-esque, the security cam should have a much faster shutter speed.

Mike Georger said...

oh man thats the worst penguins jersey of all time. AND its a blank one. way to be classy dickhead.