Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Breaking: Juande Ramos in at the Bernabeu

Expect more scenes like this if Real keep losing

So it's official: Schuster out, Juande "EPL Hero" Ramos in at Real Madrid.

He's taking over an aging team that can't defend and that will hold the noose tighter around his neck than just about any other club on earth, thanks to that long, illustrious history Real has that we hear so much about. In short, it's a much worse situation than the one he undertook at White Hart Lane, despite all the extra money and galacticos present.

Is there any possible way this works out? Is Ramos just built for Spain? One thing is certain: he's built for the Carling Cup.

Oh, and his first task? A trip to Barcelona this Saturday. Brilliant!

[The Times UK]


Anonymous said...

This is what kills me about the Rafa Benitez to Real rumors... At this point, what self-respecting manager is leaving any job that isn't Hell on Earth for the revolving door that is the Madrid job? You get roughly one season and then you get shit-canned. Winning silverware doesn't do dick to ensure your job either...

Say what you will about G & H's reign of incompetence at Anfield, but Real isn't even close to greener pastures.

Poor Ramos, first Spurs, now the circus. What did he do to deserve this?

Andrew said...

I never realized until today that - with the forthcoming arrival of KJH - Real now has starting strikers and wingers for the Netherlands national squad, and the starting attacking mid. Pretty impressive, but impressive doesn't gift you wins.

Precious Roy said...

Poor Ramos, first Spurs, now the circus. What did he do to deserve this?

He said, "Yes" when offered the jobs? Oh wait, said, "Sí"...

cjdomer04 said...

This appointment had to be the most obvious one in recent memory. Who didn't think this was going to happen? Maybe playing 7 attacking players together wasn't the best idea, especially when 2 of the defensive players were Cannavaro and Gago.