Thursday, December 11, 2008

Soccernet Gamecast Commentator Gets Interactive

I usually cannot watch Champions League matches because they are always in the middle of the workday for me. My MO for the CL matches is to follow the highly underrated UF open threads or liveblogs and open up ESPN Soccernet's Gamecast for the match. The former usually is more entertaining as the Gamecast commentary is generally quite droll and only factual, like "Robbie Keane misses a shot wide left" or "Petr Cech collects the shot."

Sometimes, if the match is big enough the commentator will actually put some analysis, opinion and even humor into their entries. Those are decent. Tuesday's match between Liverpool and PSV Eindhoven, however, was the highwater mark for Soccernet Gamecasts.

I have no idea who was doing the commentary during the match, but apparently the match was dull and his job was boring him. So, he did what any good liveblogger, because that's essentially what he is, and solicited emails from the readers. Even posting the email address ( to reach him.

The readers didn't disappoint nor did the writer. I captured one entry that didn't seem like it would last long on tWWL's webpages but it's still there.

After the jump see the screen cap.

For those of you without magnifying glasses, it reads:

53' Jay Nielsen writes: "The game is only as exciting as your
lame ass half-hearted attempts at humor. Comment on the match and skip the
bitching." Jay, there's hardly anything to commentate on. Would you
perfer [sic] white space?
Jay Nielsen, you are not funny and I think white space would have been hilarious.

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Adam said...

So I guess this means we know wandering bear's real name is Jay Nielsen