Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Backpasses: We're never getting on their blogroll

Vinnie Jones charged in South Dakota [The Sun]
Gonna watch that Al Ahly-Pachuca match? There's a spying incident [BBC]
Avram Grant picked up the pieces that Jose couldn't fix [Guardian]

Generation Adidas get their best result in England. It's a 3-2 loss [MLS Net]
East Fife player suspended 8 games for being racist [BBC]
A better pan-Scotland preview than I could ever do [Inside Left]
Another look at Barcelona in Miami [SI]

And, finally:
How do people get vetted for SoccerLens? Oh, here's how. You have to register first [SoccerLens]


Mike Georger said...

I didn't notice it the first time but they use 'soccer' in the name and 'football' in the slogan. What. The. Fuck.

Mike Georger said...

No Babel? No Keane? Kuyt as the lone striker?

Sounds like another home draw to a promoted team to me! CATCH THE FEVER!