Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Backpasses: No actual Daily Mail links today

Just a gentle reminder for those who run their own blogs and keep up with our site. We like you. We want to link to your stories. Think I like having to link to Daily Mail every day? NO. Just send us some stuff over at the gmail address, make sure it does not suck, and see the tens of page hits help you out. Okay? Thanks!

Kickette finds some long lost brothers in Seattle. Bonus fun coat [Kickette]
Marcelo lost some fans in Madrid. [The Offside]
Book looks at English football days of yore. Page has a couple of pretty cool photos [Mirror]
Moritz Volz gives details on his, ahem, shaving habits [Times Online]

Either DIC has moved into the walking-away phase of bidding, or Liverpool are going to be stuck with Hicks and Gillett down into League One [SI]
Try searching for Maradona on Argentine Yahoo!. Seems odd [Times Online]
Fans of Flamengo in Brazil plead with team to throw game--so their rivals will relegate [Sunday Mail]

And, finally:
Italian player in Serie C is also a gigolo to the stars. Including some Serie A players. Any guesses who? []

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Sarah said...

I'm not a big fan of ze Germans as a national team, but Volzy cracks me up.