Monday, December 8, 2008

UF Quick Throw: Tomas Rosicky's never coming back

Tomas Rosicky is out until "march at the earliest," making him $7 million well-spent. To be fair, the money was better spent than $20 million thrown into the Robbie Keane experiment.

[ESPN Soccernet]


The Likely Lad said...

to clarify, Rafa spent 20-million pounds on Keane. At the time, closer to 40-million dollars. Maybe we should start a feature called "UF Stepovers" in which Liverpool fans can try to evade serious questions about things like Torres being frail and meek and Robbie Keane being a big, stinking bust???

Lingering Bursitis said...

I'll clarify further by saying the 7 million paid for Rosicky was in pounds too, making him a $14 million whoopsie.

Also, I'd love to know whether you can read, as I clearly made more fun of Robbie Keane than Rosicky in the two sentences I wrote for this post.

We should also then start a series detailing how self-righteous Spurs fans are about Robbie Keane.

Lingering Bursitis said...

Or rather Likely, I should just make jokes about how Robinson's been a lot better than Geronimo Gomes this season.

Andrew said...

Little known fact:

Tomas Rosicky submitted the lyrics for My Body is a Cage to Arcade Fire.

hockalees said...

And Eduardo will be back this weekend... so bones heal better than muscles, is that the lesson?

Precious Roy said...

I think it's that Croats (or Brazilians?) heal faster than Czechs.