Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This week in offensive comments barely connected to football

Hosts of football shows have a long history of making offensive, off-the-cuff comments (anyone remember the Fox Football Fone-In controversy?), and we can now add football reality show presenter Brian McFadden to the mix.

McFadden is a host on the Australian football reality show Football Superstar, a show much like the one in China we reported on UF back in March. The show just finished its first season (don't click that Football Superstar link unless you enjoy spoilers), and McFadden has been doing the rounds on the radio to keep his name out there.

On one such show for New Zealand's More FM, he was responding to a caller who suggested that boys used to wear pink a lot more than girls a few decades ago.

McFadden's response?

"If you are not gay, a man should not be wearing pink. Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male."
Well then.

And this is coming from a guy who got his start in showbiz as part of a boy band, one of whom was gay?

As expected, there is considerable backlash, and when you think about the kind of mediocre career McFadden's eking out for himself these days, it might even be the end of his run in the media. Loud cries of homophobia abound, but the thing that troubles me is that he's either hypocritical, or extremely lacking in the memory department.

Less than a week ago, the idiot was pictured performing in a concert while wearing pink! It's one thing if his comments come from some hardened, Ted Nugent-esque fortress of imagined moral authority, as at least that opinion can be reasoned with over time (or one would hope), but considering the singer can't even make his own mind up about the color itself, you wonder why on earth he made the comments in the first place!

To play us out today, enjoy the dulcet tones of his former band Westlife's song "Swear It Again", their only song to cross the Atlantic Ocean with any success.

I mean based on his comments, I doubt anything else of him will be coming here any time soon.

[Ed. Note: I realize this is tenuously linked to football, but hey... McFadden does host a footie show]


Mike Georger said...

i think it would have been alot classier if he has used the phrasing 'you are a gay'

The Fan's Attic said...

why are you apologizing? we put up stuff that is tangentially related to footie all the time. This guy is the freaking host of a soccer show in's not that tenuous.

Mike Georger said...

idk, its australia, harry kewell is australian and it would be generous to say he is even tenuously related to soccer

Mike Georger said...

tonights USA qualifier being shot via cell phone camera. espn brings the heat with HD baby!

Mike Georger said...

wow a rare yellow for diving, good to see. dempsey has got to be the most fun american player to watch. but for some reason adu and landy get all the attention. i mean its not like dempsey was the only one that showed up in germany and has proven himself in england.

Lingering Bursitis said...

jump up to the open thread, georger

I am reserving judgment on all USMNT action until at least half-time.