Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's Try This Again

Apparently there are second acts in English life. Failed Three Lions captain John Terry has been re-awarded the armband on a permanent basis by manager Fabio Capello. The Italian said Terry edged out fellow center half Rio Ferdinand on the strength of the little man's BIG personality.

Sure to be some strong feelings about this decision, so what do yooooou think? Is the Brave One the Right One, or has Capello made like his new captain and slipped up in a big spot?

Speak out!


BerbaBent said...

Terry's behavior on the pitch towards referees is an embarrasment. This is the best England have got?

Terry = Wanker
Ferdinand = Wanker
Lampard = Houdini in Internationals
Gerrard = Might merit the armband
Anyone else even under consideration besides these 4? Under this scientific study I have done it would have to be Gerrard by default

Keith said...

If he hadn't talked his way out of the armband at his club, Barry was a consideration, and held the armband for a half in England's last friendly.

The Likely Lad said...

I think they're all losers (or degenerates.) England awaits its Messier still...

iskoppa said...

God help us!!!!!!!!!!!!