Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Retro Thought Alert

Rooney to endorse Mercedes. How long until other chavs start boosting the Mercedes stars off of the cars to wear on chains, a la the Beastie Boys, circa '86? [Liverpool Daily Post]
Tomas Rosicky seems eager for a move [The Sun]
Argentine women get in on the "slit/slant-eye" picture thing [The Spoiler]

Still some more to go

Marc Stein's club is going to be insolvent in five years at this rate [Soccernet]
Ireland to play Georgia at a neutral venue for UEFA qualifying [Guardian]
New US women's league to poach best players from England [Guardian]
Which is sad, because women's football is better than the EPL [Telegraph]

And, finally:
Manchester United fanboys are done with Cristiano Ronaldo. For now, at least [Guardian]


Keith said...

We've solved a UF mystery. The shirt questioned in this post:


I a bad Eye-tie knockoff of the keeper's shirt from 96-97.


ü75 said...

Good find, Keith. Still ugly as sin, though.

Keith said...

yeah it is; I was watching Premier League Archives last night, and had to look away whenever they showed the keepers (the mid 90s were awful in that regard. Schmeichal had some purple striped/colorblocked monstrosity).

The Fan's Attic said...

Premier League archives? Really? Boy, you need to get out a bit more.