Friday, August 22, 2008

Beware of British Tourists Stealing Your Children

Picture the following, as reported by the Daily Mail: A British couple is on vacation on the Croatian holiday island of Krk (yes, needs a couple of vowels). Just ahead they spot a young child. And then one of them says, "that little girl looks like Madeleine McCann," the world's most famous missing child. The other says, "It does!"

They close in to investigate, snap some pictures from afar, and become more and more convinced that they have indeed finally found little Madeline!

They wait for the right moment, and then they act: the extremely attractive woman who is with the child looks away, and they snatch Madeleine! They're off down the sidewalk, "it's okay Madeleine we've finally saved you!"

And then they realize... this isn't Madeleine. In fact, this isn't a girl, it's a boy. Who looks nothing like Madeleine McCann. Who belongs to a famous Croatian model and Dino Drpic, an international Croatian footballer who plays for Dinamo Zagreb.

Words fail me.

You would have thought that -- for starts -- it might've been a clue that the kid was with his mom, and that his mom was a model!

But, for any British tourists thinking about vacationing in Europe this summer, here's your handy guide:

Madeleine McCann

Not Madeleine McCann
(Dino and Leone Drpic)

Photo of Dino and Leone Drpic from the Daily News, other photos from the Internets.
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