Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bun Fight At The Olympic Feed Corral

One bun too many?

Even in the world of elite Olympic athletes, there are athletes that receive the fawning fan treatment from their fellow Olympians. Kobe, Lebron and the other USA Men's Basketball team are just some examples. Apparently, Ronaldinho, the Brazilian soccer star, is also one of those select few.

This year the Brazilian men's team is staying in the Olympic Village since previous squads staying outside the village have not performed up to expectations. The new lodging arrangements have caused some issues for Ronnie. I'll let his teammates explain:

"We have to form a circle to protect the man but the battle is being won, the security has been well organised," midfielder Diego told reporters.

"There's a bit of a bun fight at meal times but everyone is helping out."
Thankfully, the Brazilian squad is there to help out Ronnie get through the bun fight--seated.

Rather than stand in line, Ronaldinho goes to a table where he is surrounded by other players and has his food brought to him.
If he got off his duff a little bit people would be less concerned with his fitness. In fact, his teammates should tie a bun to a string on a stick and lead him around to get him some exercise.

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