Friday, August 22, 2008

EPL is #1 (Suck it, Barclay's!)

Back in the nascent days of this site, we took an in-house poll to determine which domestic league was the best overall. The surprising result--a unanimous EPL victory. Perhaps we should not have been so surprised, because UEFA agrees. How can you tell? Because when UEFA released the finalists for player of the year at each position, 17 out of 20 nominees came from the English league.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Not much, unless we somehow attract the EPL's best to our humble site for readership. But, after the jump, I'll handicap the races, and perhaps you can make a few quid betting your friends.

GK: This really should have been Cech's race to lose, but he already lost it with that fumble against Turkey. Otherwise, what do we have? Almunia spent the last part of the season benched and still can't break into the Spain squad. Reina was a big ball of meh last season, and who the hell is Neuer kidding? van der Sar wins by default.

Def: Since he is riding a wave of support for losing the England captaincy to that cunt, John Terry, my money (no actual money) is on Rio. Or, if the 4 Prem players split the vote, then Puyol.

Mid: Let's see, Essien played defense for the last couple of months, Cesc went into a hole after Eduardo's injury, and the rest didn't even make the Euros. For the hell of it, I'm going to pick Gerrard, though Scholes was probably the most steady presence for his team.

FW: Cristiano Ronaldo, 42 goals in all competitions. Even though he's not a Forward, he will win this.


Spectator said...

Should be noted that this is for club football, so you can forget the Euros as meaning anything.

ü75 said...

In theory, yes. In action, I'd bet (HA!) against that thought.