Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Why no Lorrie Fair?

The true "Redeem Team" wins gold at the Olympics [US Soccer]
Brazil's president and media are not happy with their men's Olympic performance [Reuters]
Germany may have a Gretna. They've met the first hurdle of making it to Bundesliga [International Herald Tribune]
Scots boo "God Save the Queen". I blame Glaswegians [ITN]

More below

Man City had to borrow money to pay staff wages. Things are only going to get worse there [Daily Mail]
WAGs at Wembley; Becks drives [Daily Mail]
An in-depth look at the evolution of the fullback position [Sports Illustrated]
Runner-up on the UK Apprentice gets job at Birmingham City, says she would date players. With pic [What's on TV]

And, finally:
President of Sudan gives Egyptian African Cup of Nation winners new cars. Someone is looking to curry favor, hmm? [Sudan Tribune]

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