Sunday, August 17, 2008

Probably Want to Hire Some Smarter Copy Editors

Uh, how the fuck did, Cambodia (see above) make the Olympic soccer tournament, much less make it out of the group stage and into the quarters?

Oh right. They didn't. In fact, Cambodia totally sucks at football, currently holding down spot number 183 (out of 207) in the FIFA rankings.

Clearly this is a mistake as Brazil was matched up against Cameroon, an entirely different country on an entirely different continent, in the quarterfinals of the Olympic soccer tournament.

My initial reaction was that somebody working at wherever Comcast buys this service from (TV Guide?) is really fucking stupid and when they saw the country abbreviation on an information sheet someplace reading 'CAM' they assumed it was for 'Cambodia.'

But then I thought that, given how fucking stupid Americans are when it comes to geography in particular, whoever had the job writing this copy probably didn't even know there was a country called Cambodia. Instead they saw 'CAM' and checked it against an alphabetical list of countries. When they came to 'Cambodia' they simply stopped and didn't bother to look at the next item on the list.

That's plausible except for the fact that the abbreviation for Cameroon is 'CMR' not 'CAM.'

And you'd have to be phenomenally stupid to get from CMR to Cambodia, because, while Cambodia actually does have an Olympic delegation in Beijing, they don't have an 'R' in the name of their country.

America, trying to live up to every stereotype about it.


ü75 said...

Did they mean Kampuchea?

Tomás Tolós de Abrîl said...

Did YOU Mean Kampuchea?

Seems you didn't do any better.

ü75 said...

Why yes, I did mean Kampuchea. Thanks for fact-checking.