Friday, August 22, 2008

How'd We Do?

Once again, the UF randomizer has provided the scores for the upcoming EPL games.

Last week's randomizer had a pretty good showing for the first weekend. Generally, it takes a little bit for the randomizer to warm up. It hit spot on in three matches, pretty damn close in six matches, and totally off the mark in one. I think The Likely Lad was influencing the randomizer last week. We'll make sure to keep his grubby little hands away from the randomizer this week.

Predicted scores on the left, actual scores in bold.

Damn we're good
3-1 Bolton v. Stoke (3-1)
0-1 Sunderland v. Liverpool (0-1)
1-1 Manchester United v. Newcastle (1-1)

Pretty damn close

2-0 Hull v. Fulham (2-1)
2-4 Everton v. Blackburn (2-3)
1-1 West Ham v. Wigan (2-1)
2-0 Arsenal v. West Brom (1-0)
3-1 Aston Villa v. Man City (4-2)
2-0 Chelsea v. Portsmouth (4-0)

What the hell were we thinking?
0-3 Middlesbrough v. Tottenham (2-1)

After the jump, the results you should be gambling 1/4 of your life savings on...

This week there are going to be a lot of reverses, lots of scoring and very few draws.



Andrew said...

arsenal 2=1 fulham

Mike Georger said...

speaking of predictions, i do believe i predicted ronaldo would not miss nearly as many games as they said he would.

hey look
"SAF: Ronaldo 'ahead of schedule' for PL return"

Mike Georger said...

if i ever meet the guy who invented justintv im going to piss on his foot, every channel is either not broadcasting or just dead on gamedays. real great pirating site youve got douchebag.

Mike Georger said...

welllllp the season is over
fire rafa

im not even sure if im kidding anymore

Mike Georger said...

wow carra. wow

Mike Georger said...


(still a fucking horrible 80 minutes and i am terrified of wednesday)

The NY Kid said...

lonely in here, Georger?

Mike Georger said...

hey ive spent the morning drinking and assembling furniture in my new place (hence the drinking, fuuuuuck you ikea), so im talkative. i need a place to vent my thoughts and between yall and OYB i have that.

did villa really just lose to stoke? what the hell

The NY Kid said...

Gabby was too tired from last week to play Superman again.

Mike Georger said...

and cisse with a winner. drugs in the drinking water in england today imo.

Mike Georger said...

ill tell you who is lonely, arsenals central midfield. jesus, youre getting bitched by fulham and its not even january.

that team needs a good defensive midfielder badly, we'll sell you plessis for forty million pounds, deal?

The NY Kid said...

I'm really hoping that we pick up Inler.

Mike Georger said...

gokhan, what a great name. im sure theres some crazy ass symbols above every one of those letters. youd think they would have to, you cant lose one of the better CDMs in the game and not even try to replace him. ESPECIALLY when you have some question marks in the center of defense

well, you can, and i hope you do, but i wouldnt suggest it

Mike Georger said...

"How'd We Do?"

not too good
sincerely, arsenal

im taking my shots while i can

Andrew said...

really, arsenal, really?1

and villa - shame on you.I thought you could make CL. You made me look like a fool . . . I can look like a fool on my own, thank you very much.

Mike Georger said...

i really think i just saw thaskin in the crowd at the gold medal game sitting in front of david stern. anyone else watching this?

also, saw an asian wearing one of those hideous purple city jerseys in walmart tonight. caught me off guard and i almost lost it laughing, made my trip fun.

Mike Georger said...

oh thank god, beckham shots at a basketball game. someone take away his passport

Keith said...

ugh. that was terrible. First, the penalty was not a penalty (and if it was, Gabby deserved one a couple minutes before it). Second. . .a long throw in? really? reeeealyl? I'm kind of ashamed at that.