Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Ronaldo wins another award

We'll start tonight's wrap up with rumors and fact of Americans switching clubs.

Benny Feilhaber, he of the one wonder goal and little else, moves to Denmark [American Soccer News]
Eddie Johnson in Cardiff City's sights [The People]
Lazio after Onyewu. Should get along famously with right wing ultras there []
C. Ron wins a "Gay Icon" award []

More two lines down

Mrs. Wayne Rooney sick of her mooching brother-in-law [Fametastic]
Ives Galarcep looks at the USA-Guatemala WC qualifier on Wednesday [Soccernet]
It costs over $25k a year to get Sky in a pub in Britain. Unsurprisingly, subscription rates are going down. Is this the beginning of the end of the big money era in Brit football? [The Guardian]

And, finally:
"Hoops" Cardillo set to start writing for AOL Fanhouse. Hope those guys have expanded their bandwidth for his arrival [That's On Point]

(We're kidding. We wish the best of luck to Cardillo)


Mike Georger said...

i would assume there is a post coming on this topic this week, but i wanted to get something off my chest.

i am completely 100% done with pulling for the english national team if ferdinand is made captain. yeah i know it was several years ago but how the fuck does it look good to make someone the captain who is so responsible that he missed the euros because he was fucking shopping? or someone who has no problem calling someone a faggot on the radio. or kicking the shit out of a woman after the chelsea game last year (BUT I THOUGHT HE WAS MATURE NOW! HES CAPTAIN MATERIAL!)

it should either be terry or gerrard, probably terry because he didnt do anything to lose it (getting hurt shouldnt make him lose it). its not his fault carson cant hold on to a ball in the rain.

if fabio does this as the bbc is just now reporting he is going to do. from now on my wish for england to lose will go beyond just because its really easy to bet against them in big games and clean up

i just dont think i can like this country until oneill is running them. which should be within the next two and a half years god willing.

im sure ill catch some shit from english people on here as im an american and my opinions mean nothing, but we're on even footing as far as winning big tournaments goes in the last forty years (the lifetime of most everyone on here i believe), so fucking suck my red white and blue ass you self aggrandizing pricks.

and i was in such a good mood until i saw this story. fuck.

The Big Man said...

Wait, having Terry -- he who parks his Bentley in handicap parking spaces because he can't be arsed to park elsewhere and he who got rip-roaring drunk on 9/11 and laughed in the faces of Americans at Heathrow -- as captain would be better than Ferdinand? Gerrard maybe, but seriously -- Terry?

30f said...

Ahh, the captaincy - the number one thing that I, as a Yank, don't get about world soccer.

Euro-types not grasping that relegation is never ever going to happen in the MLS (or the NBA, or whatever) is second on that list, but the over-arching (imagined) importance of the captaincy certainly number one.

One guy is the captain, the other guy isn't - so what? I don't see the significance. Is it some kind of residual monarchy re-enactment? A left-over all-boys school dominance issue?

Why does it matter who is the captain? That the England side has Terrry or Rio as the guy wearing some extra fabric seems *way* less important than the fact there is nobody up-front for the team that will scare opponents.

Agbonlahor not being on the squad seems about 10,000 times more important to me because, I dunno, it actually affects THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME!!!!