Monday, August 18, 2008

Aussie Rules Rioting

Opening weekend in Australia's A-League was full of excitement, especially the rivalry match between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory. No goals, but plenty of excitment--from the fans--as supporters brawled in stands. There were no flares or thrown chairs or thrown toilet seats, so it's clear Australia, surprisingly, is in the minor leagues for soccer riots.

I always look for the video on these riots, and I found it on the YouTubes with the title "OMG INSANE SOCCER RIOT CRAZY VIOLENCE MUST L@@K." When it's put that way, I don't see how I could refuse.

Video after the jump.

Right now, I am calling on the Aussies to step up the rioting to levels commensurate with its history as a penal colony for Imperial Britain.

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Spectator said...

Thank God my employer accidentally enabled streaming video this morning! But, as usual, that was kind of pathetic riot, eh? Just a little pushing and shoving, and it almost looked like they were all moving in slow motion.

Maybe it's just that most of my experience with fan violence was at Detroit Lions games -- let's just say that 300 pound dudes full of beer and brats can do WAY more damage than some skinny punter.