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Euro 2008 Liveblog: Turkey v. Czech Republic

Here it is. The first last day of the tournament. Yes, Group A gets sorted today, and this is the match that will do the sorting. While Portugal takes it easy against the host Swiss on the other side, Turkey take on the Czechs for the second qualifying spot into the next round.

Before we get to the tale of the tape, a quick look should be taken at our Euro 2008 Pick 'em on At the top of the group, two users who are definitely not UF writers. For shame, us! El Ninos d'Or and Ballack's Bollocks lead the early charge. If this one of these is you, feel free to gloat in the comments. These two have correctly guessed 11 of the first 16 matches. They are closely followed by a group of six with one less correct. Over the next four days, though, I am confident that Joey Barton's Cellmate will rise to the top of the group.

It seems we can't do a live blog (save one) without highlighting the lovely ladies of the competing countries. Today will be no different. After all, it is Father's Day, and these ladies have fathers, so we have to.

Turkey will go first.
This is Gizem Ozdilli. Besides having a snickerable first name, meh.

And for the Czechs, we have Adriana Karembeu
Yes, please. And she is married to former French footballer Christian Karembeu. So, there's that.

Well, it should be pretty obvious who wins this matchup--the girl from the country I picked to win the whole shebang. Join me after the jump to watch me meltdown as the Czechs fail to advance at the first hurdle.

For bonus fun, you can play "Count the Misspellings" in the comments. With these two teams, I'll be sure to make it worth your while.

Turkey's speculative lineup (4-4-2):
Demirel; Altintop, Gungor, Cetin, Balta; Tuncay, Topal, Aurelio, Turan; Senturk, Nihat (C).

And for the Czechs (4-5-1):
Cech; Grygera, Ujfalusi (C), Rozehnal, Jankulovski; Sionko, Polak, Matejovsky, Galasek, Plasil; Koller.

Referee: Peter Frojdfeldt (Sweden)--the guy who did the UEFA Cup final, again.

Interestingly, this game will go to an immediate penalty shoot-out at the end of full-time if the match is tied.

On to the game.

So, another 4-5-1 for the Czechs. I wonder how long that will hold out?

-1.00 Alright, I've had an obscene amount of coffee, started the wash, have a boxful of doughnut holes next to me and an empty house. As long as the cable and internet hold out, let's have some fun.

0.00 Man, I wanted to see Kazim Kazim today. Also, I wanted to see the blue jerseys.

0.00 Hey Turkey, how about figuring out what shoes you want to wear before kick-off? Blatant time-wasting to let the other game get started first.

0.10 The Czechs waste no time on the kick-off attempting to get a shot on goal. Over and wide, though.

2.00 Free kick from the right for the Czechs. two players wide open on the back post, and. . .nothing.

4.00 The Turks seem to be playing for penalties already. A free kick at midfield is taken by their keeper.

5.30 Yellow Card Turkey get the first yellow as Topal fouls Polak in midfield

8.00 Czech Republic are not afraid to shoot today, though nothing is going on net. I was serious about Turkey playing for penalties. Time-wasting at the back seems to be the order of the day. Maybe since it worked for their good friends the Greeks four years ago?

10.00 Yellow Card Um, I didn't see it. Aurelio CetinAurelio goes into the book for Turkey, possibly for getting his elbows up on a header challenge against Koller. for dissent. Since Koller is so tall, Aurelio gets him in the upper back. The resultant free kick leads to a header over the bar.

14.00 Gungor gets a talking to, Camera cuts away before any card shown.

15.00 The ref, who had such high praise from us before, does not want to see Turkey challenge for high headers, it would seem. Every time a Turk goes for the ball, they are deemed to be fouling the (to be fair, perfectly positioned) Czechs.

16.00 I was correct earlier, Aurelio also got a yellow for dissent. Tuncay shoots wide for the Turks.

17.00 Matejovsky shoots weakly from distance, but on net. Keeper covers it easily.

18.00 Another correction. Cetin was not booked, only Aurelio.

22.00 More attacks from the Czechs, but no finishing touches. Turkey still playing rough.

24.00 Actual attacking possession from Turkey. Comes to nothing as they pass it back to the defense.

25.00 Sionko does not miss by much. Aims for the far, upper corner from outside the box and puts it a foot over.

26.00 Aurelio writhes in pain after a tackle from Rozenhal. Gets up without magic spray.

28.00 Turkey are doing a fabulous job at frustrating the Czechs. The whistles have calmed down and Turkey, though not packing the back, are keeping the Czechs from any good attacking moves.

31.00 For two teams with nothing to play for, the other match sounds pretty exciting. Dammit.

32.00 Another Turk on the ground. This time it is Altintop, who took a ball to the ribs. Get up nancy-boy.
(10 seconds pass, play stops for him)
He did.

33.00 So close. Czechs cross in from the left, Sionko tracks it and the keeper smothers.

34.00 Goal! Fuck yeah, the Czechs score. Koller with a header (who'd a thunk it?) off a cross from Grygera. Turkey, the US feels your pain.

36.00 Nihat's corner forces a nice reaction from Cech as he beats Turan to the ball.

38.00 Matejovsky has to be carried off the pitch and substituted after a collision with Tuncay. It didn't look that bad, but Jarolim comes on anyway.

39.00 The goal has aroused the attacking instincts of the Turks. Czechs on the back foot for now.

42.00 Yep. You can't coach tall. Koller has another shot at goal on a long free kick. At goal, not on goal. Over by six feet.

43.00 The Czechs have their attacking verve back. Koller, like Klose, should not be relied on to shoot with his feet, though.

45.00 Hey look the Tigers might have a winning streak going. The Bottom Line always gets me. 2 minutes extra time.

45.00 +3 (Stealing this) Tweet. Tweet. Tweeeeet. Half time.

Czechs came out as the team wanting to win, and got the goal that might do it. The referee calmed down after 20 minutes or so, so Turkey doesn't have as bad a yellow card problem as they looked to in the first 15. Czechs are down a sub already, and tired second-half legs may fail them yet.

Turkey did show flashes of attacking ability after giving up the goal, but were hanging their heads by the half. We should see a pretty open affair in the second half with only one question to be answered.

How long do Turkey wait to pull the goalie?

Oh, and I'm not watching Foudy, sorry.

Shots 9-5 Czechs, 3-2 on goal. Possession is even.

45.00 Sarioglu on for the Turks, Senturk is off.

46.00 Cech is also very tall. Cleans up on a Turk free kick.

47.00 Turks pressing early. Another couple quick chances for them.

50.00 Czechs are definitely backed in, and looking for counterattacking chances, which aren't materializing.

51.00 Perhaps there is a strong wind? The Turks, attacking the goal the Czechs did in the first half, are all over their opponents. Now for their third corner in four minutes.

52.00 "The Czechs have a lot of defending to do here" No shit. Turkish fans are in full voice as Tuncay gets saved by Cech. It's probably time to take Koller off and get someone who is speedier in there.

54.00 On cue, Koller kills a possession with a poor pass.

55.00 Cech cleans up again. The Czechs are playing with eight in the box right now and it is not enough. Turkey must have had some kick-ass coffee over the break.

57.00 Kazim Kazim (Richards) is in! Topal off for the Turks.

58.00 Altintop with a great ball from the right, right across the six-yard box, but the Turk forwards forgot to make runs.

59.00 Some interesting looking Cech fans in the stands. Gungor is down for the Turks. Gets stretchered off.

61.00 Koller gets a breakaway, and left foots the ball three yards wide. Ouch.

62.00 Goal! Plasil comes in from way over on the left to slide in Sionko's cross. Keeper gets a hand to it, but cannot bat the ball out. 2-0

64.00 For looking so bright coming out of the half, the Turks start to look defeated, deflated and chippy. Turan gets a Yellow Card for Turkey. Turkish coach is well-pissed that he was not allowed to substitute for the injured Gungor before the second goal.

66.00 Linesman needs a new flag, or Cialis.

67.00 Czechs, well aware of the hurting Turkey looks to put on them now, are diving to get foul calls.

68.00 Turks go close after the Czech defense tries the always-ineffective "let's all raise our hands" defense. Cech bails them out with his positioning.

Other Game Swiss go up 1-0.

71.00 ESPN, fucking quit it! I don't care about the other game. Polak off the post as ESPN breaks in with the other score.

Polak paid for it on the rebound, as he got his face scraped with studs trying for the header. He will be the second player playing with a headwrap today.

73.00 Yellow Card Asik (the other head-wrapped guy) takes down Rozenhal who was way forward. Very close to being last man back, too.

75.00 Goal! Arda Turan scores after Altintop's cross from the endline dribbles all the way across the box. Arda goes near post, beating Cech with ease 2-1

77.00 Altintop is playing off of his head on the right side.

78.00 Two more great chances for the Turks come from the right. Can the Czechs hold out? They look spent.

79.00 Turkiye! Turkiye! Turkiye!. This match is pulsating, and the crowd is in full voice. Koller still in. Why?

80.00 Yellow Card Galasek for the Czechs. Kadlec on for Plasil.

Other game Another goal for the Swiss.

82.00 Altintop puts the ball right on Cervi's head from two yards out. Cervi glances it wide. I really like this second half Turk squad.

83.00 It's the Czech squad who have started to hack at their opponents. If Galacek did not already have a card, he would have just earned one.

84.00 Vlcek on for Sionko. Koller to play entire match, die of heart attack afterwards.

85.00 Czechs are completely packed in, but the Turks are getting close.

87.00 Goal!!! Cech fumbles a cross (Altintop, natch) at the six yard box and
Nihat pokes it in. I started this game pulling for the Czechs, but dammit, I cheered.

GOAL!!! Turkey score again. Nihat onside, Czechs try to claim otherwise. Raised arms don't stop attack. Nihat squeezes the ball under the bar. I'm breathless.

90.00 Four minutes added time.

90.00 +2 Red Card Turkish keeper Demirel sent off after making a hash of a clearance. Punched Koller after the ball was out. No subs left. Tuncay in the net. No penalty kick.

90.00 +4 Yellow Card Ufjalusi, I don't know what it was for, I can't keep up.

90.00 +5 Yellow Card Baros, who isn't even on.

90.00 +5 Full Time Give me some time to breathe before I recap.

That's it. I am a full-on Turk supporter for the rest of this tournament.

Just saw another angle on Nihat's second. Fuck me, that was a great shot.

Well, they started the game as negative as could be, but Turkey showed what it takes to win a game from two down in the second half. Altintop is, by far, my man of the match. He abused Czech Republic's left side for the entire second-half.

I can't help but believe that if Baros was in for Koller in the second half, the speedier player could have finished a counter to make it 3-0 at some point. Simply put, Turkey were pressed forward, and Koller did not have the wheels to put them under pressure.

I don't know if I can watch the US game now. I'm almost emotional at how good this game was.

Red Card whistled for at 1.30 of added time, game restart at 3.15. Added time was 4 minutes, whistle blown at 5.21.

They did lose some time, but also got called for 2 yellow cards in the same time. I think the ref took all of it into account.

I do agree that some more time was warranted, but the Czechs were no longer on the attack.


Finally--The group is done, with Turkey joining Portugal in the second round. Turkey will face Croatia, while Portugal are most likely to see Germany (though Poland and Austria both still have a shot).


The Fan's Attic said...

two simultaneous liveblogs...this should be interesting.

The NY Kid said...

Hey, my game's not too bad for now.

Mike Georger said...

andy gray has been making some great points about diving and whatnot, im not one to give him credit but hes dead on. if you have to stop play, you should have to leave the pitch for a set amount of time

and what a fucking goal, perfect in all ways.

Precious Roy said...

I've been feeling my plain a lot lately.

ü75 said...

Shut up, I fixed it. Besides, I told you people to keep a count.

Precious Roy said...

Just say the replay. You can't coach 'tall.'

Precious Roy said...

Oops. "Saw" the replay. Okay... so I deserve that for the "plain" comment.

ü75 said...

(/Nelson voice)

Precious Roy said...

That'll learn me to switch over.

Precious Roy said...


Mike Georger said...


game of the tournament probably regardless of what happens the rest of the way, ridiculous

gray called it, the ball is greasy

Precious Roy said...

Slippery, yes, but that was almost Buckner-esque.

Precious Roy said...

Uh, wasn't he a mile offsides?

The NY Kid said...


The NY Kid said...

A RC for the GK?!?!?

Mike Georger said...

isnt that a penalty

jjf3 said...

the GK's been sent off! This is fucking insane...

Precious Roy said...

Uh, if it goes to PKs... this is fucking nuts.

The NY Kid said...

Koller goes down holding his face, after he gets pushed in the chest. And Tuncay pulls a Brave John Terry.

The end of this match is crazy!

The NY Kid said...

and Baros gets a yellow on the bench.

The NY Kid said...

So Turkey pulls a Liverpool. I can't believe this shit.

Precious Roy said...

Uh, the Czechs got totally screwed there in stoppage time. The sending off of the keeper took about 2 and a half minutes.

Why didn't they get that time back?

Mike Georger said...

just absurd. aside from istanbul, the craziest fucking game i have ever seen

good for them, they deserved it.

side note, i didnt realize riise was running a 'worst first touch possible' school, but kazim kazim was definitely this years valedictorian

Precious Roy said...

Really, where'd the rest of stoppage time go?

Anyone... anyone...?

ü75 said...


Hold on, I'll back up the DVR and check how long it was.

Mike Georger said...

they did add 1.5 minutes of it back

Precious Roy said...

Nah, couldn't have been much more than a minute. It was about 5:10 that the whistle blew...

Mike Georger said...

well then 1.whateverdecimalonesixthis

Mike Georger said...

foudy is about three seconds away from busting out a sweet sassy molassely. shes just all over the place.

Precious Roy said...

So there was time for the sending off of the keeper and it had to be another 30 seconds or so when Baros got the card on the bench. The Turk player was just standing over the ball forever not taking the kick while that was getting sorted out...

I mean, that was nuts and Turkey might have deserved it, but I wanted to see the Czechs get a couple of cracks at goal with Tuncay in it and see if they could draw.

Imagine PKs with your keeper on the bench.

Mike Georger said...

i thought you got to choose to send off a player if that happened. seem to remember that being the case in the 06 champions league final. doesnt seem to me it would matter if you have any subs left as youre not really making a sub.

Mike Georger said...

the us team doctor is doctor mandelbom? ITS GO TIME!

Precious Roy said...

The keeper comes off. You can sub in another keeper if you have a sub left, but you are still a man down. Turkey had no subs left, so they had to move a player on the pitch into goal.

Can't remember who came off with Lehmann in the '06 CL final, but there was a sub.

ü75 said...

Pires (in his last Arsenal game) for Almunia.

ü75 said...

Barbados don't sing, either.

Mike Georger said...

ah almunia did come on, for some reason i thought jens stayed in.
clown on me

ü75 said...


Dempsey in the 1st.

The NY Kid said...

Man, Deuce dropped that early.

ü75 said...

Second half shots:
12-3 Turkey
9-1 for shots on goal

ü75 said...

2-0 USA

Bradley thinks he is in Holland, and scores.

Precious Roy said...

Anyone else mildly surprised to see Guzan in goal?

Goat said...

Deuce remembered he wasn't in England, and scored

Goat said...

I think Howard picked up an injury. Or maybe he's just overly twitchy today.

ü75 said...

I prefer Guzan get some playing time.


Precious Roy said...

Hey, those first two months of the season Dempsey was EPL fantasy gold.

Goat said...

Yeah, I kept him on my fantasy team longer than I should have. I couldn't get rid of the Deuce. It was like I had some sort of fantasy constipation.

Precious Roy said...

Hard to get rid of a guy who cost three points and was a threat to score... until the calendar flipped at January.

ü75 said...

I had the same problem. Had it with Cesc, too.

Goat said...

Me too with Cesc. I think I had everyone's worst fantasy tendencies.

Goat said...

Know who I'd like to throttle? Everyone associated with those Mike's Hard Lemonade commercials.

ü75 said...


Landycakes after Adu was fouled.

ü75 said...


Dempsey again. Wanted the ball, but the Barbadian (?) wouldn't give it to him.

I'm going away now.

Goat said...

Deuce just dropped another one.