Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft

I'm filling in for ü75 on Backpasses for the rest of the week, so please save your complaints until he gets back, mmkay? And, for those of you keeping track, tonight's theme is early-'80s German electro in commemoration of Bayern Munich's capitulation to the mighty Barca.

The Joy of Six looks at great CL quarterfinals from the past [Guardian]
Ipswich may hand out to barely-16-year-old a debut this weekend [BBC]
Toronto's BMO stadium may go dry.... silly Canadians! [The Beautiful Game]
Martin O'Neill faces FA inquiry [Guardian]

Buy a team (debt included) for only a pound [BBC]
Or buy Becks' childhood home for 215,000 pounds [The Mirror]
No other Scots are in trouble for drinking at hotel, but here is the juicy bit -- Ferguson and McGregor had to be told by a coach to knock it off and go to bed past noon the next day [BBC]
Former LFC goalie Bruce Grobbelaar to star in latest season of Hell's Kitchen in the UK [Heckler Spray]
Marlon King granted bail [Guardian]
Something to cheer up the geordies... Alan Shearer scores in training session kickabout, in front of 7500 fans at St. James' Park [The Sun]
Someone needs to tell Frank Dell'Appa that the Champions League is switching to Fox next year [Boston Globe]
For those of you who remember Quincy Carter, he's back in professional football...the Indoor Football League. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Former Seattle Sonics broadcaster switches to the Sounders []
Ribery's Nike signing actually violates a clause in his Bayern contract, but Bayern don't care [Soccer Equipment Reviews]
An Eddie Johnson sighting! Scores a goal as a sub for Cardiff, and then nets an own goal going the other way.... *sigh* [The Sun]

Here are some good reads in the Guardian on Man U and Arsenal

And finally, hey look The Unprofessional Foul got a link in the NY Post! Thanks Rupert.
[NY Post]

Phew, how does ü75 do this every night??


The Fan's Attic said...

Well, he doesn't do all the links we send around. That's the first part. But the second part, and by far most important part, is that he is half-man half amazing.

You have some big shoes to fill Spectator.

Spectator said...

Yeah I thought about paring down the links, but then I thought it would be more work to decide which ones to dump, so I just posted them all, and besides they are all awesome. And yes, what big shoes to fill... Hope I don't buckle under the pressure like EBJT during penalties!