Monday, April 6, 2009

Michael Ballack Had A Heck Of A Week

Caption This.

Michael Ballack had a pretty incredible international week. The Mannschaft had two matches against Liechtenstein and Wales, respectively. The Germans won both matches convincingly, 4-0 and 2-0. There was more to the week for the Captain than the victories.

Ballack scored two dream goals. This 30 yard laser against Wales.

And this cracking 18-yard volley against Liechtenstein.

To top it all off though, he and his teammate Lukas Podolski had an on-field row resulting in the Polish-German slapping Ballack. Podolski has subsequently realized he was an "idiot" and donated five thousand Euros to the German FA's Fair Play campaign.

Oh, and Chelsea won against Newcastle even though the Messiah was returning.


The NY Kid said...

It was relatively easy to score against Wales, considering that their GK appears to be 12 years old.

The Fan's Attic said...

I noticed that and the fact that about 8 fans showed up for the game.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

In completely unrelated news:

Luton win the FA Johnstones Paint Trophy 3-2.

All but one goal from outside the box.

Ibracadabra said...

"German centre back Per Mertesacker continues to perpetuate the 5- year old national team tradition to gently tickle Captain Michael Ballack's anus as a sign of general respect to the hero of German football. Fists and buttocks clenched, Ballack screams with heroic joy."

phil said...

Rectum? Damn near killed 'im!