Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mondayish Backpasses: The heck is this?

Yay! Cable modem not fried. Links ahoy!

At some point, we may have to get paid for this--FSC wants you to take a survey. Do ol' ü75 a favor and say you want some SPL action [Fox Soccer]
One damn fine goal from Germany. Take that, Bayern babies! [NYT Goal]
Team specific search engines + a NSFW warning [NCNB]

Two Singaporean footballers tackle a purse thief--on the pitch [Straits Times]
SAF & Roonaldo really BFFs. Only playa hataz say otherwise [Guardian]
TFC fans, one week after garnering sympathy for alleged police problems at Columbus, give all the goodwill back by throwing beers at Ljungberg and Drew Carey [Fan Nation]
Is there another Football War in the offing, and was lasagna involved? [Guardian]

Guy who gets his kicks from underage internet porn snared because of his kickass Celtic tat [Deadline Scotland]
So, which of these players could you ID by their tats? [The Offside]


jjf3 said...

I'm all for Spanish Premiere League footie on FSC!! Put the money up, FSC!

JK, sort of. Since I don't get Gol - fuck you, DishNetwork - I'd love to see them piggyback Madrid and Barca games after the EPL games end...

The NY Kid said...

no option to request more Ligue 1 from FSC = anti-NY Kid conspiracy!