Monday, April 6, 2009

Tweet For A Toot

This story is a real gas.

During a Sunday pub match in Manchester, the referee awarded a yellow card to a Chorlton Villa player for passing gas during an International Manchester FC penalty kick. The referee deemed the cheese cutting "ungentlemanly conduct." International Manchester was allowed to retake the penalty and converted. Despite the flatulence penalty, Chorlton prevailed over cellar dwellers International Manchester 6-4.

At this time, this may be the quintessential example of an Unprofessional Foul.

It is not clear who Horatio Hornblower was for Chorlton, but at least the referee showed up for the match. The squad's previous league had an issue with refs showing up and opponents nicknamed all players over 14 years of age "bandit."

This attention is also coming at an inopportune time when Chorlton is without a sponsor. Or maybe an opportune time? Perhaps a bean factory will be willing to sponsor the club team.

What say ye?

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