Friday, April 10, 2009

Zombedine Zidane

Before waking up fully to the horror that Chelsea have an outside shot at a treble this season (what a difference a fortnight makes), enjoy this little slice of nightmare from a French website, Portraits of the Living Deads, devoted to the painstaking drawing and coloring of what famous people would look like if they were zombies.

I must admit, it's a thought that has crossed my mind several times. What if Diego Maradona snorted brains instead of cocaine? Would Bill Gates still be such a great philanthropist if he joined the legions of the walking dead?

Looking at Zidane above, I feel confident that if he tried another headbutt, his head would come clean from his atrophied neck. Still, look out Marco!

The tubby Argie after the jump, along with another, far more troubling sketch.

Zombie Maradona couldn't be a much worse manager than the current one, could he?

At the back of archives are zombie estimations for several famous dead people, including John Bonham, Buddy Holly, people like that.

The most troubling one, as pointed out by tipster Brian (that we now echo), was Marc-Vivien FoƩ. You may remember the tragedy with Foe back in 2003. The then-Man City loanee and Cameroon midfielder suffered a fatal heart attack on the pitch during a Confederations Cup game against Colombia, caused by an undetected heart condition. The French artist drew him in his Cameroon kit.

Bit much, perhaps?


epiblast said...

'tis a good day for zombies.

EbullientFatalist said...

oh noes! zawmbies!

I wonder which player they wouldn't have to draw, just post a real-life pic instead?

Sarah said...

This one?

EbullientFatalist said...

@ Sarah: HA! Indeed, indeed. All three have the zombie look. You keep finding new and better uses for that picture.