Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

You don't need to press me, I will readily admit it. I know next to nothing about Sierra Leone, especially when it comes to their soccer heritage. The one thing I do know--that Houston Dynamo striker Kei Kamara comes from the country--I know because of Beta testing Football Manager Live. He was on my team, you see.

I have no idea if Kamara is even on the Sierra Leone national team. I have no idea who his teammates would be if he did represent his home country. What I do know is that if Kamara does get a call up, he would wear one of the worst shirts of all time.

ROAR! What can you say otherwise? That is very definitely a lion, or cougar, or other big cat at the bottom of this shirt. There is also a Rorschach test included at the top. I don't know what you may see, but I've got a lemur peeking out at me from right above the badge.

I'm serious. I do not know what the top half of the shirt is supposed to show. If someone can just tell me it's a sailboat, or schooner, I'd appreciate the time saved in staring at it.

There is actually a pretty cool story behind this shirt. A charity in Denmark was doing work in Sierra Leone, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. Hummel, the Danish manufacturer, became the country's shirt sponsor and declared that 8% of the sales of these shirts would be earmarked to said charity. Doesn't make up for the shirt being so ugly, but it helps a little.

Anyway, yeah. I just need someone to tell me what I'm looking at up top. Are those mountains, or are they a Danish man's interpretation of a vagina? I really have no idea. Please help.

UPDATE: An anonymous tipster has let me know that the top image may be an elevation map of Sierra Leone.

Thanks to Football Fashion for the pics and story.


Anonymous said...

I see a big green T-Rex getting ready to devour the lion. Why in the world would they put a topo map of their country on their soccer jersey?

jjf3 said...

actually, given some of the utter eye-searing (can't un-see) shite umlaut's shared with us, why not?

beannnnnnnnnnnnn said...

outside the realm of this blog, but have you seen the san diego padres camo uniforms?