Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Come on, Islanders. Hold on

In light of today's betting post, I think that this was Lee Carsley's revenge on Iwelumo missing that sitter against Norway [Off The Post]
Like a bad penny, Bora Milutinovic keeps turning up [NYT Goal]
Barcelona wish they were Liverpool, apparently [The Spoiler]

Is this the ignominious end of DC United--the inability to find anywhere to put a stadium? [Match Fit USA]
Someone else writes that Man U have played too many matches this season to remain competitive [Guardian]
Kickette hates Cesc's new tat [Kickette]
Someone complained to the police about Podolski slapping Ballack [Football Cup League]

Scottish football team decides to abandon fair play because a team they beat did not pass the ball back to them one time [BBC]


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machine gooner funk said...

the fact poldy could face criminal charges b/c of an anonymous complaint is gayer than easter. if ballack doesnt press charges the matter is moot. what kind of sissy bullshit goes on across the atlantic?