Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quick Throw: Injuries abound

Shed a tear if you can for these ailing fellows...

Gallas to miss the rest of the season with MCL-knack; Clichy out 2 weeks.
[Guardian Sport]

Steven Gerrard to have a scan on his groin. Scouse nation holds their breath.
[Guardian Sport]

DaMarcus Beasley took one in the ribs, presumably out for a while.
[BBC Sport]

Wayne Rooney might miss the weekend with a nasty rib complaint of his own.
[The Sun]

Adriano? Not dead.
[The Sun]


Spectator said...

Almunia also out three weeks.... Arsenal just cannot catch a break this season ("break" probably being a poor choice of words).

Oh and shocker of shockers: "Tomas Rosicky, at the moment, is not close to coming back."

Mike Georger said...

Adriano, Rooney, Gallas, Beasley, Gerrard ...

One of these is not like the other, one of these does not belong.

Magnakai Haaskivi said...

Only one of them will still be in the Champions League after next Wednesday?

The NY Kid said...

@Mags - it's Gallas, right?


Spectator said...

@Georger: Hope you are not talking about Beasley. He's scored six goals in Champions League competitions throughout his career!

EbullientFatalist said...

Emirates is starting to resemble Craiglockhart.

(I knew one day I'd be able to connect a freshman English paper on Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen to sack-ah.)