Wednesday, April 8, 2009

QT: Christian Vieri to LA Galaxy?

I really hope this isn't true: reports abound that 37-year-old Italian striker Christian Vieri is set for a trial with the Galaxy, having run out of options for playing time at his current club, Atalanta. Something about him being old as fuck and useless, I think.

If the Galaxy keep signing crocks like this, they'll soon become known as the Tottenham of MLS. Sergei Rebrov, anyone?



Brooks said...

Well, Galaxy says its not true. They released a statement yesterday afternoon:

Lingering Bursitis said...

Brooks -- that's excellent news! I'm getting tired of MLS wasting good money on over-the-hill Euro retreads.

Brooks said...

Yeah, they need to implement my idea and just start kidnapping talented 15 year olds. I think Don Garber might already have the windowless van.