Friday, January 16, 2009

Those Mad Hatters: ZERO Baby Yeah!

Luton Town. You had forgotten all about them hadn't you? Condemned to the inevitable fate of non-league football after a 30 point deduction from the FA. The once former top-flight team had left your thoughts. Well they ain't dead yet!

They started on -30, but this week, Luton Town FC are on zero points. Zip!

They currently sit 14 points from safety but after zapping those deducted points they actually have a chance! If Luton's season has started with zero points they would be 13th now. Mick Harford has done a super job on a shoestring but....How big is the task at hand?

The Hatters have played 24 games and taken 1.25 points a game thus far. 22 games remain with a total of 66 up for grabs. They can do it people. Grimsby are in reach, well...14 points away, but when you have gone from -30 to zip, whats another 14 to chase eh?

Here at UF we are quite romantic when it comes to these things, so we will be keeping a close eye on those Hatters. Even if it is a squint, we are watching and praying that the hapless fans of Luton get a break and see their side stay in the Football League. Click here for the League Two table and here for Luton Town's fixtures.

Stay tuned.



ü75 said...

If form holds, disregarding that Bournemouth and Luton have played one more game than halfway.

Final table will look like:
22. Luton Town 30 points
23. Bournemouth 29 points
24. Grimsby 28 points

ü75 said...

Table, figuring in exact points per game so far:

Grimsby 28
Luton Town 27.5
Bournemouth 27.16

So, there's still work to do for these two. If Grimsby win a couplathree, it's over.

Spectator said...

As long as none of those points come at the expense of Exeter, than I wish Luton all the best!

Kopper said...

Funny thing is, 2 of Luton's best players are Norwich loanees, Chris Martin and Michael Spillane. There has been more than 1 cry from Carrow Road to recall Spillane, but they'll let him stay at Luton. Martin cannot be recalled.

Andrew said...

If they survive, does the FA get egg on their face?

Spectator said...

I think the FA would say "fair play" to them. The FA could institute automatic relegation rather than docking points, but I'd imagine that would be so demoralizing to a team that it would likely go belly up. Don't forget, this is punishment for going into receivership and is meant to dissuade teams from racking up wage bills it can't cover. Thirty points sent a clear message, but at least Luton still have something to play for.

Nathaniel said...

So they would only be four points from the top ten without the 30 point deduction...

The one Brit in my neighborhood is a Luton supporter. Since the whole fiasco, he refuses to discuss football with me.

jjf3 said...

I will now root for Luton for no other reason than the "tilting at windmills" aspect. Yep, my casual fandom is that easy (of course some non-league team will get the same if an interesting angle comes up to their promotion run...)