Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold Reception for Bog Standard Blues.

Southend pier is slippery this time of year. A trip to Roots Hall is just as hazardous.

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. All of the news about the billion dollar team stuttering must be piling pressure on old Phil Scolari. But, before he can address his teams league form, he has a tricky tie at Southend in the cup to deal with. Tricky on the pitch AND off. The away dressing room at Roots Hall has no heater and one loo. No hot water and barely the room for Joe Cole to swing his manbag. Poor Chelsea. It never rains but pours.

Southend gaffer Steve Tilson says he doesn't go into the away dressing room much. I don't blame him. It's a far cry from the luxury baths and showers at Stamford Bridge. The blues players will have to line up to use the one toilet tomorrow night and if anyone needs a shower they will be taking it cold. The heater in the small room is also busted. Maybe Anelka and Scolari can hug to keep warm. Oh maybe that's not a good idea.

“I don’t go in the away dressing room much. But unless the heater has been fixed since the last game, there’s no doubt it will be cold in there. The away dressing room at Chelsea was very nice. It had carpet. Ours has a concrete floor and even that’s chipped. There’s certainly no room to have a massage unless they decide not to turn on the big bath and have one in there! We also hope it’s windy and the ground’s a bit firm, as that will be a bit of a leveller. Coming here will definitely be a bit of a culture shock for Chelsea.” - Southend manager Steve Tilson.

Will Chelsea's big ego's fit into this small room?

Chelsea head into the replay with Southend after just one win in their last six outings. Southend forced a replay after a late leveller at Stamford Bridge on the 3rd of January.

Scolari's blues will will receive a cold reception on the pitch also as the fans at Roots Hall sit right on top of the action at the tiny ground. Tomorrow night's game could be a deciding factor for Scolari's Chelsea career. Rumors are already swirling over Big Phil's lack of control in the Chelsea dressing room, he will have little control over the heat in Southend's either. But lose to the Shrimpers and he will feel some heat alright.



Andrew said...

ESPN is reporting Ronaldo moving to Real for 85m Euros. Ronaldo denies. I fail to care.

The Fan's Attic said...

Man...not even any wire hangers for lockerroom abortions. At least they have TP.

JT said...

Playing football for Southend is no guarantee for getting you laid.

Bigus Dickus said...

Well not in the bathroom anyhow.