Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Backpasses: That's a NY Kid trademarked term, mmm'kay?

Wait. Podolski would only cost about £6.75M? He's young enough for Arsenal, right? [The Offside]
Why he's moving: Klinsi rates Landycakes as third best Bayern striker (trust TFA on this one) [T-Online]
FIFA's ones to watch includes a certain Haitian Sensation [The Original Winger]

Owners of stadium in Vancouver looking to retrofit roof to lure MLS. Two things here. One, that scoreboard would be a prime target of mine if I were in the league. Two, that $365 million price tag may look hefty, but the Canuck dollar sucks again, so no worries [Metro News]
Graham Poll says SAF does not intimidate referees, except when he does [Soccernet]
Kaka, and Lingering Bursitis, wants Becks to stay in Milan [Times Online]
Japan coach will not let three players become men [Reuters]

Do WaGs make good role models? []


phil said...

Podolski's 23; to Wenger, he must look like Abe Vigoda.

Love to see him in Lillywhites, though.

Adam said...

Why would Arsenal want a young striker with a proven track record when they can chase after an older Russian who may or may not be really good because he had 3 good games over a month this summer. Plus hes only gonna cost 18 million!

Random fact that Wikipedia just told me: Podolski averages just under 1 goal every 2 games, which is about how often Arsenal seem to be scoring these days.

The NY Kid said...

I'm (quasi-) famous!

Andrew said...

Let's not forget that Podolski played as a winger for Germany this summer, and played it well. The kid's alright.

Precious Roy said...

Pavs is a dodge. Wenger lodge a lowball offer he knew they'd decline to tell the rest of the market what his upper limit is.

Strikers aren't even Arsenal's problem right now. Central defense and midfield. But Podolski on the cheap? Grab him.