Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: Yay, blogs!

All blogs today. Real news can go eff itself.

EPL Talk has an interview with the author of one of my favorite sites, Bill Sports Maps [EPL Talk]
Have there been secret drug bans in football recently? [Kickette]
Handicapping the race for MLS expansion bids. The #5 pick is rather interesting [The 24th Minute]

Gareth Bale, King of Fail (hey, that's catchy) [The Spoiler]
Viagra may improve on the pitch ability [The Offside]
Nemanja Vidic is the world's smartest player [Kick The Balls]
When stats in soccer go too far and get useless [The Run of Play]

So, who was the best player ever drafted in the MLS in the 35th slot? Michael Bradley, obvs. A breakdown of MLS draft picks by draft position [Climbing the Ladder]

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