Monday, January 12, 2009

Cheating F**k Pig Maradona Cheats Chelsea Out Of Sleep

Not content with cheating a nation out of a place in the semi final of the World Cup in 1986, and with being listed on Wikipedia under the search 'cheat'. Diego Maradona feels he must continue his quest to f**k with English folk. This time it was Chelsea who fell victim to the fat, defrauding and dishonest manager of Argentina.

So what did Maradouchebag do this time?

He stole sleep from Chelsea ahead of their crucial game with Manchester United yesterday. Not that this is any excuse for the Blues' annihilation at Old Trafford.

Maradona set off the fire alarm at the hotel where he AND the Chelsea team were staying on Sunday morning, while smoking a cigar in his room. 200 guests were woken from their lavish slumbers at 7 am in the up-market hotel and booted into the street to shiver in their fancy robes as the fire brigade arrived to investigate.

Maradona was in Manchester to watch Tevez play against Chelsea. Big waste of time really, the vertically challenged forward didn't even play.



phil said...

I refuse to ever feel any sympathy for Chelsea.

Andrew said...

Maradona is like the football world's version of Joe the Plumber. Nobody cares about you anymore. Why are you still around to torment us? Why not fuck off and die?

Could you imagine if a meteor DID hit the Theatre of Whiny Scots yesterday? Jesus, this Monday would be spectacular! But seriously, I never knew Spartak, ManUtd, and Maradona were all allowed in the same place at the same time.