Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Backpasses: Angry keeper=funny

Keeper doesn't appreciate getting charged by an opposing player [Dirty Tackle]
Video examples of why being a referee sucks [Big Soccer]
Jermain Pennant is going to Portsmouth [Daily Mail] or Inter [Telegraph]

Atlanta withdraws MLS bid [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
St. Louis's bid not up to sniff, says MLS commish Garber [USA Today]
Philly stadium gets some government funding [Delco Times]
Sacha Kljestan to trial at Celtic [SBI]

There may be a literary background to the Masal Bugduv hoax [The Run of Play]


jjf3 said...

Everyone who enjoys footy, pranks, fucking with authority, and any form of literature, should enjoy Brian (Phillip's) description of the whole "Masal Bugduv" prank linked by umlaut. Brian: brilliant stuff/coverage, and it all makes a ton of sense the way you describe it (presuming you're not galwaygooner!)?

Thanks for the research, either way...

Spectator said...

Only a yellow for the squared-shoulder take down of the charging forward -- seems about right.

jjf3 said...

Its Friday night, which means I corrupt your life with my horrrribbble picks...(side note: if you saw "the commish" becoming "Vic Mackey" in any possible universe and lifetime - I don't believe you)

Reality roundup - a miserable 3-5 record (with 2 postponements) - and an amazingly perfect record of not getting a single game right yet...perfection, thy name is me...!

Rovers 2-0 Joe Fuckin' Newcastle (I already know I'm losing this one, but I can't help myself)
SFB 0-1 ManUre
Spartak 2-1 Stoke City (adios anyways, Big Phil)
Citeh 0-1 Wigan (Steve Bruce, you elegant bastard)
Sunderland 0-2 AV (AV is about to get too stretched, but this is one they can win)
HC 1-2 Arsenal - give me a good game to watch, dammit...
West Ham U 1-1 Fulham
Spurs 2-0 Pompey (Adams is a dead man walking...)
Liverpool 1-0 Everton - f'it, they'll find a way to win this one...

Adam said...

Last week I went 4-4, I didn't even pick the spurs v. wigan game for some reason, I was sober too! damnit!

But the good news today is I've had a few to drink, so I should do well.

Blackburn 1-1 Newcastle
SFB 0-2 United
Spartak 3-1 Stoke
Citeh 2-3 Wigan
Sunderland 1-2 Aston Villa
WBA 1-1 Boro
Hull 1-2 Arsenal
West Ham 1-2 Fulham
Spurs 1-0 Pompey
Liverpool 0-1 Everton(upset of the week)
I need to look back and find these all to keep a running tally for myself.

jjf3 said...

Crap, I skipped WBA-Boro. My brain says 2-1, but apparently last night the beer said 1-2. The safe bet is that both are wrong...