Friday, January 16, 2009

Play for West Ham? I'd Rather Blow.

16 year old Tyler Rix had a dream shot of playing in the Premier League for West Ham. But oh no, that's just not good enough for the kid. He has decided he would rather play his Saxophone.

Rix has signed a 1 million pound deal with Universal to play the instrument professionally after being discovered on the BBC2 'Classical star' TV talent show.

Tyler said: “I always knew that one day I would have to choose between my music and my football commitments. I could never have dreamt of making that choice in such a spectacular way.”
-Tyler Rix.

Now this is just wrong. A career as a footballer? A career we all want and day dream about while we are waiting for the bus OR A career as a saxophonist? It's not a choice. Tyler you plum, you have really sh*t the bed with this one.

Dublin: The former Villa, Coventry, Celtic and Norwich man played a mean sax.

Tyler should have paid attention to one footballer who chose to play the saxophone in his SPARE time. Dion Dublin was famous for banging in goals but he enjoyed nothing more than a good blow on his sax after the ref had blown his final whistle. But that's what it was people. A hobby!

A true school boy error here by young Tyler. He has disappointed millions of Sunday footballers across the World.

Lets hope he doesn't blow to regret it.



Andrew said...

I would like to hear him explain this decision to his future children.

jjf3 said...

Shit, I'd like to hear him explain that to the local WAGS-in-waiting!