Friday, January 16, 2009

Decisions, Decisions.

As Norwich City head into their game with Barnsley manager-less tomorrow, the board are collecting resumes and arranging interviews. Since Glenn Roeder was canned on Wednesday, that interweb thingy has been rife with speculation and news of possible candidates. After the jump I'll have a butchers at the runners and riders and assess their feasibility for the greatest job on Earth. Well... my Earth at least.

The resumes are stacked up but who is in the pile? Let's speculate.

Aidy Boothroyd
The former Watford man is familiar with Norwich, he used to work as a youth coach at he club. The problem with Boothroyd is that he favors a brand of football that is about as attractive as this. I am so sorry... I won't do that again, I promise.

Boothroyd could certainly get them up the table, but at the expense of the football that all of us Norfolk folks crave. Aidy would likely bring fan favourite Malky Mackay with him. Malky worked under Boothroyd at Watford, in fact he is still there. Boothroyd is the bookies favorite and the current price is 8/15.

Paul Ince
Ince failed at Blackburn, but has been successful in lower divisions with Macclesfield and MK Dons. I'd guess that the egos at Blackburn were a little more of a challenge than those in roundabout city. Santa Cruz and co probably rate themselves as players who are as good as Ince was, and Ince still being young they probably didn't give him the respect he wanted and needed to get the best from his team.

At a lower level he is cut above, a legend who played for Man United and England. He would certainly have the players' ears at Norwich like he did at Milton Keynes and Macclesfield. I suspect that Ince may not be ready for the Premier League yet but one step below? He'd be a good choice for me. One of the lads, but capable of saying what he means. SkyBet has him at 8/15 like Boothroyd.

Ince: 8/15. Could Ince have an impact in the Colaship?

Mark Robins
The former Norwich favorite is currently the manager of Rotherham. Over the last few days I have read about the 'good job' he has done in Yorkshire. If a good job is being 20th in League Two and 2 places away from a drop into the Blue Square, then I must be f**king amazing at my job! I may have to go and ask for a pay rise. Robins is 14/1. No thanks!

Bruce Rioch
Fresh from his time with Aalborg, Rioch lives in Norwich and has done the job before. He is not a bad bloke and lacked money to spend in his previous tenure in the job. Not an ambitious enough appointment for me. Rumors are swirling that the club may look to Rioch or Worthington to do a temporary job a la Joe Kinnear and make a permanent signing in the summer. Rioch is 16/1.

Nigel Worthington
Nigel Worthington was fired in 2006 after a long campaign by the fans. If we'd all had access to a crystal ball, we would have kept our mouths shut. Worthy took City up as Champions and brought us back down again. His failure to get us back up again with the resources he had at the time became his downfall.

Ironically enough, Norwich City are currently in a similar situation to the one he inherited in 2000. Under these circumstances, I think he would do a decent job and replicate his efforts of the first go around. Worthy is currently the manager of Northern Ireland and their FA have turned down permission from Norwich to discuss the job with Nigel.

Worthington: A play-off final and promotion to the Premier League. Can he do it again?

Paul Jewell
Jewell was the choice of most fans when Roeder was handed the job 14 months ago. He certainly has the resume to suggest he could take us to safety and push on for a play-off place over the next two years, but will he want to spend too much? He also walked from Derby after spending all their money and leaving them near the bottom of the table. Not a trait I admire. I'd rather we didn't risk this one. Jewell is 33/1.

Ian Dowie
This guy has had more clubs than Tiger Woods and looks more like Sloth from the Gonies than a football manager, but he does get results. The problem with Dowie is that he tends to fall out with people or walk. Palace chairman Simon Jordan sued him after he quit Palace for family reasons but appeared as the manager of rivals Charlton a few days later. That shows balls, but not the type for Norfolk.

Ultimately, he's too big a gamble. The next Norwich manager may have to get us out of League One and be 100% behind the cause. Dowie has been telling everyone that he wants the Norwich job, he has been out of work since October when QPR canned him. Odds with SkyBet are 33/1.

Sloth: Been to more clubs than Cheryl Tweedy.

Roy Keane
Miserable sod. Like Roeder, not a people person. Rumors from the north of England suggest he fell out with the players at Sunderland and lost the dressing room. There have also been stories of unsociable behaviour and of not turning up for training.
Norwich City just got rid of their most unpopular manager in history, and the last thing Norwich fans want is more of the same. Hell no. Keano is at 66/1.

Dion Dublin
Big Dion is very popular in Norwich. He started his career there and it ended there. To say that Norwich fans would like to welcome him back would be an understatement, but not as manager. Peter Grant arrived with no managerial experience as his run in the job was an absolute disaster, he signed terrible players and had City adrift at the bottom, meaning that Dublin's popularity would only go so far. I am certain the club won't hire an unexperienced man again. Dublin's odds for the job are 50/1.

There are quite a host of ex-Premiership managers available currently. Whether or not they would fancy a drop to the Colaship is unknown, but some of them have been out of work long enough to consider it. Here is a full list of candidates and their odds with SkyBet...

Ince - 8/15
Boothroyd - 8/15
Robins - 14/1
Rioch - 16/1
Calderwood (Jimmy and Colin) - 20/1
Dowie - 33/1
Jewell - 33/1
Sanchez - 33/1
Pardew - 33/1
Bowen - 40/1
Holloway - 40/1
O'Leary - 50/1
Robson - 50/1
Dublin - 50/1
Curbishley - 66/1
Keane - 66/1
Poyet - 66/1
Hoddle - 66/1
Souness - 80/1

The next Norwich manager needs to be able to provide the shot in the arm the club needs to pull away from relegation and the ability to build a team thereafter. Roeder had the shot alright, but the effects of that shot wore off far too soon and there was no sign of a repeat prescription in sight.

The problem with the Norwich job is that you don't have Birmingham's budget or the salary of Rafa Benitez. But what you do have is great support from a passionate bunch of fans and a community that just wants good football. No one is expecting to win the league, hell, we don't even mind losing if the team plays well. But effort and passing football are a must.

After 2 disastrous managers, there's got to be someone out there that's a fit for us, right?



Kopper said...

I thin kits a fair assessmant. I personally want Boothroyd, because I don't care what brand of fotty we paly, as long as we win. I must correct you in 1 respect, though. Robins has done a fantastic job at Rotherham. They have a 17 point deduction this season, and withou tit, they would be 1 point off the playoffs. Boothroyd for me... someone who could rally our beaten down, dejected troops (thanks Glenn!)

Kopper said...

I'm typing like a spaz today....

Bigus Dickus said...

I had forgotten all about the points deduction for Robins. Doh!

jjf3 said...

BD and Kopper,

My own impression, as a total outsider. I like what little I've seen from Boothroyd's teams, while hating the tactics. I know nothing about Robins, so I won't judge him beyond the points he's "made-up" - he might be worth the effort allowing for that. Ince I don't understand - I presume his history meant nothing to his players in the EPL (as you mentioned, BD), but in the Colaship - I don't know what you'd get. Keane I find an interesting one. Presuming he'd be interested in the first place (don't know), he seems like a guy who's self-aware enough (shit, if not TOO introspective) to figure out what he did wrong in his first try at the EPL...Given that list, I'd probably go with Robins solely because of my lack of "bad experiences" with him. But, as an outside observer, I'd really be tempted by Keane if he showed any real interest in the job...

Kopper said...

Robins took himself out of the running. Apparently there is a shortlist of 5 and they are beginning interviews of those 5 on Monday. We won 4-0 at home with longtime Canary keeper Bryan Gunn at the helm. Now there's movement to get Gunny appointed full-time. a bit knee-jerk, but we saw today what our players can do when not under Roeder's iron grip. As long as we win, I sdon't care who our manager is....