Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Donovan On The Blitzkrieg

The shirt seems to finally fit.

Landon Donovan is having a good time in the Middle East during Bayern Munich's winter training. Yesterday, Donovan played a full 90 and had an assist in the German side's victory. Today, the American all-time goal scorer earned his first Bayern goal in injury time.

A halftime substitute for Luca Toni, Donovan hammered the nail in on the Saudi side Al-Wehda's coffin. Landon managed to secure possession of a misplayed header in the box and made good on a nice turn and shoot from the eighteen.

This all comes at a time when Klinsmann is savaging Podolski for not having enough fight in him to earn more playing time, there are press rumors that Podolski will be transferred out, and Klinsmann is naming Donovan his number three striker behind Toni and Miroslav Klose.

Whether this is all a ploy to motivate Podolski remains to be seen. But, it seems the stars could be aligning for a return to Deutschland for Donovan. He is playing well and there may be room for him. I hope it works out for him.

Soccer By Ives has the video.


Precious Roy said...

As an American, I totally want him to succeed.

As an American who hates Landon Donovan, I totally want him to come home crying again.

The Fan's Attic said...

As an American, I totally want him to succeed. If he succeeds, I will no longer have a reason to despise him.

phil said...

I will only root for Landycakes in a USA shirt and plays like a competent footballer, not a flopping softy.

30f said...

Watching the clips from the two Bayern exhibo games has left me with a couple of thoughts:

1. Where the F&%k is THAT Donovan for the US? Good to see him playing well. Yes, the competition level is low and the more established members of Bayern (Toni) were likely coasting - but he looked good, which is about all one can ask. He hasn't 'proved' he is ready to be a star in Alemania - but he has done as much as is possible in these first two games.

2. Clearly playing for the Galaxy makes it impossible to try hard. Once away from he kryptonite buried under the turf in Carson - both the Landonator and Bulgeham look much more lively for their new 'loan' teams in Munich and Milan.

3. The floating head Local Action News Team intro to the Bayern Munich videos is high-larious.