Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No Bienvenidos a Miami

Anelka pondering a transfer to the soon-to-be MLS Miami club and Drogba begging Big Phil

In our second hip-hop related story of the day, Premiership stars Didier Drogba, Nicolas Anelka, Djibril Cisse and El-Hadji Diouf have been banned by their managers from attending Lil' Wayne and Akon's Christmas celebration in Miami. Ryan Babel wants to know where his invite is, he could make some good hip hop contacts and lord knows he's got plenty of time on his hands thanks to Rafa (please Rafa, play Babel up top).

I don't know what's more dumbfounding that Lil' Wayne and Akon know who these guys are or that they see the need to fly snow in from Greenland for the party? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just rent a snowmaking machine? But what do I know? There's a reason I'm a blogger and not a millionaire.


The NY Kid said...

clearly Lil' Wayne's stint as an ESPN blogger has let him make some new friends

Goat said...

Little known fact: Lil' Wayne's nom de stage is actually an homage to Wayne Rooney's penis.

Nathaniel said...
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Nathaniel said...

^^ That's what I get for trying to edit my previous comment.

For clarity's sake (as clear as Wikipedia can be):

In conjunction with long time friend Akon, Diouf founded his own charity to help under-privileged children in Senegal and the United Kingdom. [Wikipedia]

Akon is from Senegal, and most of these players are either from Africa or are second-generation.

Oh, and I'm sure Scolari hates "that damn hippity-hop music."

Mike Georger said...

"please Rafa, play Babel up top"

wont happen
remember the 'new henry' comments when he was bought? its coming true. hes getting played out of position and is getting pissed, then will get sold to a top team in another country, get played as a striker, and succeed. and rafa will look like a fucking idiot again.

Andrew said...

Anelka, Drogba, Cisse, Diouf all at the same place. Throw in Jeezy, Meth and Red, and it's way better than the Adidas houseparty.

Adidas houseparty

The Fan's Attic said...

ah...I forgot Akon was from Africa...that helps put some explanation for their invites.

omellet said...

I'd settle for Babel playing on either wing. Riera started out the year pretty well but he looks way too timid anymore; Babel will attack, and he will score. And will somebody please hire the guy who fixed Jose Reyes' hamstrings away from the Mets and send him to Liverpool?