Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Backpasses: Bendtner's is alright

Newcastle fans taunt Mido with anti-Islamic chants [Eurosport]
Hearts boss wants less of Rangers and Celtic on Scottish TV [Scotsman]
Which might help Hearts actually pay their players [BBC]

TFA Squareball: Perhaps the best Christmas present for male footie fans...a WAGvent Calendar [The Spoiler]

Rising South African star urges his compatriots to get tested for AIDS [The Times]
Chelsea says there is no money to be spent in January [Soccernet]
League Two club wants Robbie Fowler as player/manager [Sky Sports]

And, finally:
EPL stars draw worse than your neighborhood five-year-old [The Spoiler]


Mike Georger said...

you have to love robbie fowler if only for the fact that he was so dominant yet clearly looked as if he had never seen the inside of a gym in his life.
i say go for it, get the man into management.

Andrew said...

Fowler did not look in shape at the NYC street event.

"I'm not only a player, I'm the club manager." Pick up line writes itself.