Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Does a pole come with the Ballon d'Or?

Cristiano Ronaldo has captured the prestigious (but perhaps evil) Ballon d'Or. The Manchester United winger has won numerous plaudits for his performance this season, but maybe he should have been a goalie.

One of UF's favorites, Eva Roob, has recently weighed in on Ronaldo and thinks he would do well with the poles. The erstwhile Samira Summer recently opined (NSWF) on the merits of footballers as go-go dancers.

From the pitch to the pole – which of her male football colleagues does Roob think could cut it as a sexy dancer?

She revealed her thoughts in an interview with football newspaper ’11 Freunde’: “Maybe David Beckham. And of course Cristiano Ronaldo.”
All that prancing around on the field may be beneficial to CRon after all. He could use this backup career as leverage to get that wage raise he so desires from the Glazers.

While Eva seems to like Manchester United midfielders, she doesn't seem keen on a certain Chelsea midfielder and fellow Teuton, Michael Ballack, saying “There is no one from Germany. Not even Michael Ballack, whom lots of people find attractive. I think he is probably too stiff.”

Of course. Now excuse me while I try to rid my mind of these images.


Andrew said...

No Brokeback?

Goat said...

Looking at that picture again, I seriously can't believe that someone like Christiano Ronaldo actually exists. He's like some sort of campy B-movie villain.