Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Would have made an interesting Friends episode

One of our new causes, Vedad Ibisevic, has a Q&A with New York Times [NYT Goal blog]
Spanish player who admitted to taking payoff two days ago takes it back [Think Spain]
Coleen Rooney and pals attempted to outdo Man U's last Christmas party--the one with all the rape--by staying out all night. Okay then [Daily Star]

Anothosis Famagusta heading for a boardroom meltdown [The London Daily News]
Groundbreaking for Philly's MLS stadium happened yesterday. Could come in cheaper because of recession [Delco Times]
Generation Adidas players go on whirlwind tour of England to train [The Offside]

And, finally:
One more celebrity canvas from that eBay auction. This time it is David Seaman's, and it has an interesting squiggly in it [eBay]


Mike Georger said...

wow thats gotta be intentional

a better one wouldve been ronaldhino shooting it towards his face from fifty yards out. still bitter about that how the fuck did he let that in?

Andrew said...

Seaman? I get it!

Andrew said...

How do you "out-do" a rape party? That's setting the bar awfully low. Like President Bush.

Or Arsenal.

Goat said...

Forget Matt Damon's--I say we buy Seaman's artwork. It seems more in line with UF's sensibilities.

Lingering Bursitis said...

Andrew: I'm not sure you can outdo it unless they raped some people themselves, I guess? Or you get MC Hammer to come sing/dance.

Goat: I nominate you to bid on UF's behalf. Don't worry, we'll pay you in stocks or something.

Andrew said...

I will volunteer my body in the name of social experimentation to get raped my Coleen Rooney and the rest of ManPoo WAGs. Just so they can "out-do" their husbands.

Goat said...

LB, I'll get right on it. What's 62 pounds--like $7? I think I've got that much left on my credit card.