Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Fourth (Un) Official.

Every now and again, an opportunity presents itself for a fan to get up close and personal. To infiltrate the game at ground level. Some of you may remember Karl Power and his hilarious antics in 2001 at Old Trafford before a Champions League game. No? Power ran onto the pitch in full United kit and joined the team for the official team photo, lining up next to Andy Cole. Only after the snap had been taken did Roy Keane notice Power and point out his stunt (video after the jump). Well, Power isn't the only impostor to get on the pitch. But the latest sneaky fan stayed a lot longer than Mr Power did.

United impostor Karl Power.

Wycombe fan Jarred Knight was at Notts County (25th of November) watching his team play the magpies, when a tannoy announcement asked if there were any qualified referees in the stands. The fourth official had replaced one of the linesmen who was injured. Jarred had spotted his big chance. He blagged his way into the fourth official gig by lying about his non-existent FA qualifications. The officials claimed afterwards that there wasn't enough time to check whether or not Jarred was the right man for the job.

Maybe it was a clear give away when he celebrated Wycombe scoring?

“My mates were trying to make me laugh. Thank God I hadn’t been to the pub or I couldn't have kept a straight face. I even told Wycombe manager Peter Taylor to get back in his box. I’ve got a taste for refereeing now and I’d like to do it again.”
-Prankster Jarred McKnight.

Wycombe won the game 2-0 and Jarred was thanked by the Notts County chairman for his efforts as he enjoyed drinks in the players lounge after the final whiste!

Now if I could only get myself into that phony fourth official gig for the Norwich Ipshit derby this Sunday. "Oi..Magilton..You are out of here sunshine!"


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