Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: Yo

WorstBest dive ever [Fan Nation]
Maradona to teach Indian kids how to punch the ball [Thaindian News]
Daniel Agger wants to get PAAAAIIIIDDDD, yo [Daily Mail]

Q&A with Fredua [Soccernet]
CREDIT CRUNCH to keep Nakamura in Glasgow. British press still in love with their alliteration [Telegraph]
Estimated breakdown for Hertha Berlin's home match versus Galatasaray--60-40 Turkish [Deutsche Welle World]
Valencia deny they are bankrupt. Look for this to update in a week with a "What happened to Valencia?" article [Soccernet]

And, finally:
If you are not creeped out by this, you are not human. Beckhams and Cruises in some bizarre inter-family marriage thingy [The Inquisitr]

1 comment:

Mike Georger said...

milan cant afford agger. plus as his contract isnt up for another year and a half theres no way in hell they would sell him in the middle of the season, especially considering skrtel will be coming back from a major knee injury and theres no way to know how he will be after it.

stupid rumor, but hes worth that much money anyways.