Monday, December 1, 2008

The SAF Tour of Truth Continues!

Sir Alex Ferguson and his best friend Ronnie

A while ago we suggested that perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson was a little out of touch with the truth when it comes to his boys at ManUre. Well, it turns out that he's at it again! Join me after the jump to find out what ridiculous bullshit has come out this time.

On Saturday, ahead of the Manchester derby the next day, Sir Alex (and who made this clown a knight, anyway?) announced that he was tired of the poor treatment that Ronadlo was receiving on the pitch from opposing players and supporters of opposing clubs. He went so far as to say:

"Who is cheating football? It's not Cristiano. How do we know who the cheats are in this game? It's stupid - it's a stupid game."

Ignoring the fact that he may have just referred to footy as "stupid" (perhaps he was calling the "game" of identifying cheaters a stupid one), it's pretty clear that SAF thinks that Ronaldo's shit don't stink.

So he doesn't cheat, eh?

I don't know about all of you, but that doesn't look kosher to me. And the very next day after SAF was singing his praises! He's another angle:

Sir Alex's explanation?

"He tried to stop the ball from hitting his face," said Ferguson.

"He thought he had heard a whistle, he got a little push as well and it is not as if he punched the ball. The crowd played a part and he got sent off."

But Mark Hughes is no fool.

"It was a clear handball. It was a soft sending off but clearly a second bookable offence.

"I don't know what reason he will give for doing it but if he says the ball was going to hit him in the face why didn't he head it?"

Umm, because he's a douchebag?


Andrew said...

That pic will go down as Ronaldo's A-Rod moment.

ARod cheats!

They remind me of each other. Both ridiculously handsome . . . err, talented; both ridiculous assholes.

phil said...

This is all clearly an attempt to avoid a one match ban for CR.

And it's completely transparent and ridiculous.

And it will probably work.

Sometimes, it really is a stupid game, but isn't that part of why we love it? What other professional sport is fraught with this sort of juvenile drama? I mean, it's not as if he shot himself in the leg, in a club, and then asked a teammate to hide the gun.

Adam said...

Though Phil, I really wish he had.