Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'll set the scene. You are the manager of a Scottish Division one club. A club that's position in the league (5th) is not representative of recent form. You meet the Chairman. You then take training, head back to your office for a little website browsage. Bam...You're fired. That's what happened to Livingston manager Roberto Landi.

Livingston Chairman Angelo Massone has a rather novel way of sacking people. He meets with them, lets them leave the meeting under the impression everything is hunky-dory and then he fires them by Internet. Roberto Landi had only been in charge of Livingston since July but recent results were against him. The Livi Lions have won just once in the last 8. Still...Maybe a phone call? Another meeting to explain your decision? Clearly not the Massone way. Landi logged on to the official Livingston website yesterday after training to discover he had been canned along with his assistant Valter Berlini.

“I don’t know how it was on the website. I don’t know who had this information to put it on the website. I am very disappointed because I have only been here five months. You will have to ask the chairman for his reasons." -Roberto Landi.

Landi had just turned down coaching roles with Q.P.R and Derby to stay at Livingston.



Ibracadabra said...

Almost as good as the Israeli manager fired by SMS a few months back. Modern technology at its finest.

Next out - Roy Keane?

Andrew said...

I think Keane has until January to turn things around. But it's obviously his failure as a manager that has BCs third from bottom; the squad is talented. Well, they have some talent.