Thursday, December 4, 2008

Saucy Swedish soccer players in photos shocker

Welcome to another edition of UF After Dark. It's where we take a look at the dirtier, seamier side of the sport we love. And it always involves women. Or, in this case, girls. Don't follow? Keep reading.

Sweden is a wonderful place. It's where you can place a camera in a women's restroom and have the courts declare it's not a crime. Got a baby? You don't have to name that sumbitch for months. Then, there's the moose, the stupid o with the diagonal through it, the umlauts and, most importantly, the women.

Swedish women. Two things about them. One, they love to dress up. Two, they love to be photographed while dressed up. Now, we have all seen it when they go to a sporting event. Radiant, rosy-cheeked lasses decked out in blue and gold. Perhaps this link will jog your memory, if you are having trouble recalling.

But the Euros were so last summer. It's winter now. Why am I bringing up the willingness to pose of Swedish women? Because, my friends, a Swedish women's team has released a calendar, it's themed, there is controversy, and I have a slideshow. Good enough?

First of all, the team. Emtunga and Tråvad are a team in Sweden, located 60 miles northwest of Gothenburg. That's it, that's all I got. It's not that important.

Now, the calendar. Yes, it's themed. Themed in that the ladies are shown participating in other sports. Sometimes, it's in athletic wear. And sometimes, it's in an odd mishmash of formal wear and sport. Doesn't sound too oddball, but it is controversial.

The controversy comes from some of the female's ages. It seems that this is an all-inclusive team, with ages running from 43 on the upper end to 15 on the lower end. Chris Hansen has already been alerted to your presence in this thread.

But it's all okay, you see. The girls wanted to do it. No coercion whatsoever. And those under 18 had to have their parent's permission. So all the bases are covered then. Now you can go and look at the pics. I'm partial to photo 7 myself.


Eladio said...

I have to say, nothing sexier than swedish women holding fishing rods.

Andrew said...

The biker/golfer combo was . . . disconcerting.

Precious Roy said...

Not sure how I would feel if I picked up one of those girls and started to get nekkid with her only to see ZLATAN written on her stomach. It's not like I'd stop, just not sure how I'd feel about that.